Hack Access 2020 – Feb, Google

   March 22, 2020    Comments Off on Hack Access 2020 – Feb, Google
Audience photo, Google premises, Hack Access Dublin Feb 22nd

I attended Hack Access 2020 in the Google offices, acting as a mentor, and while I was there I recorded a few interviews for the Travel Massive podcast.

I’m pleased with the result, please share and listen. I learned a lot and I think there are lessons here for the wider travel industry about accessibility, inclusion and universal design.

Search for “Travel Massive” in your favourite podcast app, or check the links at the bottom of this post.

City Hook’s Kevin O’Shaughnessy (LinkedInTwitter) and I discuss Hack Access Dublin 2020, an accessibility hackathon that took place in Google Dublin on 21st to 23rd of February.

I interviewed several participants about the event and the experience of airports and travel for wheelchair, blind and neurodiverse travellers. We also talk about the hackathon experience, the winning concepts, universal design and accessibility in travel.


  • Katie Bourke – Founder of Adaptable Solutions (LinkedInTwitter)
  • Cearbhall O’Meadhra – Musician, Architect, Consultant (LinkedIn)
  • Hannah Bryson – Karson Consulting (LinkedInTwitter)
  • Jonathan O’Grady – Digital Strategist (LinkedInTwitter)
  • Denis Kennedy – Disability Consultant (LinkedIn)
  • Kieran Mahon – Projects Facilitator at Smart DCU (LinkedIn)
  • Jenny Aarts – Innovation Project Manager at Dublin Airport (LinkedIn)
  • Nikola Nevin – Tech Lead and UI Engineer at OpenJaw Technologies (LinkedIn)
  • Manish Chandra Singh – CMO and co-founder of [un]travel (LinkedIn)
  • Martin Codyre- Entrepreneur and Founder at GiantLeap Biotech (LinkedInTwitter)
  • Janice Valentine – Founder and CEO of Hack Access (LinkedInTwitter)

The Travel Massive Podcast

Links to Episode 43 Long Play – Talking accessibility in travel at HackAccess with Mark Lenahan: